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Chicago Internet Marketing Releases New Website and Mobile Apps for Christian-Based Lawyers

By April 17, 2017Internet Marketing3 min read
Chicago Internet Marketing Releases New Website and Mobile Apps for Christian-Based Lawyers


Christian Legal Directory which is an app and website developed by Chicago Internet Marketing will connect Christian attorneys to people who truly need their help. By providing a Godly platform to reach out to professionals in the industry, the developer believes that this service will create a deeper level of trust. The service is free for consumers and packages are available at various fee levels for legal professionals who are willing to submit to a Christian-based ethical practices.


Chicago, IL, April 17, 2017 –(– A real-time local attorney app developed by a Chicago-based internet marketing company called Chicago Internet Marketing will be released on May 1, 2017, and made available for download on iOS and Android.

The Christian Legal Directory app will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play but will probably take some time to spread through their online stores.

The location-based app provides users with nearly instantaneous location-based information about Christian-based legal representation, enabling users to find nearby attorneys who are deemed trustworthy through their fellowship and by their peers.

The company said the app can pinpoint the user’s location, displaying law firms within the vicinity.

The Christian legal search app will also aggregate data from multiple sources – including other professional lawyer directories, local bar associations and social networks – to give users a selection with valuable reviews and ratings.

“We’re thrilled to make it fast and easy for both professionals and users to discover the best Christian legal representation that are available nearby in their practice of interest,” said Mr. Edwin Colon who is the app developer and Owner/CEO of Chicago Internet Marketing.

According to Mr. Colon, the idea of creating an app was based on his experience working as a consultant to various attorneys and law firms throughout the country.

“Even though there are many resources to find legal representation for the many practices in the industry, it is the hope that with an app like ours, it will make it easier to find local Christian attorneys,” Mr. Colon went on to say.

About Chicago Internet Marketing

Chicago Internet Marketing is a small website design, development, mobile marketing, social media and SEO consulting firm. A team will work with you to ensure that you select the most cost-effective solution for your company. They have had over twenty years’ combined experience providing web-design, search engine optimization, video production, social media and e-commerce solutions. They help generate ideas for the look and feel of your site. Their small business web design in addition to strong SEO techniques will make a big difference in the number of local leads you get from your target audience.

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Edwin Francis Colon

Edwin Francis Colon is a multifaceted entrepreneur and creative artist based in Chicago. He is the CEO of both Chicago Internet Marketing and Xanthe Films, as well as an independent filmmaker, director, and producer. His success has been driven by his passion for media production combined with his business acumen; he combines creativity with strategic thinking to create innovative solutions that push boundaries while providing maximum value to clients.

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